Wednesday, August 25, 2010

God's Grace in Genesis 1-11

Today I was reminded that God showed grace in each of the episodes where mankind sinned. After the fall in chapter 3 God showed grace by holding off the punishment of death. Adam and Eve were told that if they ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil they would die that day (Genesis 2:17). That is not what happened though they were spared for a time. The second came after Cain killed Able God showed grace by marking Cain so that everyone would know that he was protected and was not to be killed (Genesis 4:15). God also showed grace to the human race in the flood first in not wiping out the whole race because of the sins but also in the promise that he gave Noah that he would never again destroy the earth with a flood or water (Genesis 9:11). At the tower of Babel God had grace in not destroying the nations but here we see something that has not been in the other accounts. God scatters them by confusing the language and then leaves them in that condition. The question begs is God now through with the nations? Well the answer is no he simply shifts focus to creating a people through Abraham so that they will be the blessing to the nations. Gods grace did not start in the New Testament, it began at the fall. Gods grace is all around us and he just asks that we seek him and let him transform us into the image of Jesus. Gods grace comes at the highest price of all the death of his Son Jesus Christ. Thank you Jesus for allowing grace to flow. Your grace still amazes me.

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