Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up

There used to be this show on TV called "To Tell the Truth" in which 3 people claimed to be the same person and it was up to the contestants to decise who was telling the truth by asking them questions. I feel like that with the life and ministry of Jesus. There are so many imposters it is difficult at times to tell who the real Jesus is. My wife Staci recently took a religion class from a Christian school that taught that there are multiple ways to get to heaven. That the Jesus of the Bible was mostly just a good teacher and profit. The problem that I have is that is not the pcture that one gets when they read the scriptures. John 14 clearly claims that Jesus is the only way to the Father and that except through him o one can see the father. The president of Liberty Seminary Dr. Caner said something today in one of his updates that I believe needs to be repeated he said, "Over 20 religions consign Jesus to being a good man and a servant. Too bad. He said He was the God-Man and the only Savior!" Well said. It does not matter if you or I believe that Jesus did or did not say these things the fact that the Bible claims them makes it fact. In the end it will matter if you or I believe what he said but if one choses not to believe the Bible it in no way negates the truths contained within it. The book that Staci had to read is The Heart of Christianity by Marcus Borg. Marcus Borg is a member of the Jesus Seminar that had as a goal to set out and discover the real historical Jesus and the real historical actions that he did. They took the Bible and discounted 82% of the words of Jesus as not being said by him. They reduced Marks Gospel to just one verse. His book opens the door to pluralism and the door to many other things like alternate lifestyles being accepted because God made them that way. It is truly sad that this is the type of thing that is being taught but in the end the Real Jesus will stand up and he will show the world that he was who he claimed to be.

Friday, July 10, 2009


As I write this today I am puzzled by this concept. In my Christian walk I have always wanted to believe that accept for the unpardonable sin then everything else can be forgiven. I have been proven again that this must be the central core to our belief. Unfortunately I have seen today again that there are those in my circle of fellowship that have found a reason that has allowed forgiveness to go only so far. Now I know many believers would say that there is nothing that can not be forgiven (except the unpardonable). My question is do we really live this out or do we harbor things that do not allow us to forgive. In my life I have seen much pain and one of my old wounds was opened today and I am struggling to understand where forgiveness comes into this. I know that God wants and even requires me to forgive and I will. The struggle that I have is in the continued fellowship with those that have set limits on forgiveness. I wonder what those that set limits would think if Jesus would do the same. I thank my God that Jesus has forgiven all that seek it. It never ceases to amaze me though that some can see limiting forgiveness as somehow as being christian. I hope that God will help me to understand this because it is a real struggle for me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Galatians 5-6

Here in these passages a real danger is spoken about by Paul. This is often the case when one reads the scriptures that one will read about danger on a cosmic level. The danger here is the fact that we can fall into the sinful nature. Paul directs us to follow after the fruit of the Spirit.

These passages here remind me just how easy it is to get wrapped up seeking after things that are not of Christ. I too look at the fruit of the Spirit as being the key to keeping on the right track. The idea being that one that follows after the fruit of the Spirit will live by the second greatest commandment to love one another. If the fruit is evident in our life then we will fulfill Christ’s commandment to us to love one another and by that love, people will know we are his disciples. It is my prayer that God will help each of us to become more like Jesus and the fruit of the Spirit will permeate our lives.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Galatians 3-4

Today's passage was on Galatians chapter 3-4 where Paul really gets after the Galatians for being so easily lead astray and taken up in their old ways instead of embracing the new covenant that is Jesus Christ below is one of the thoughts running through my mind.

As I read these passages I looked at the Galatians as being so easily lead astray and how could they so easily give up on the promise that Jesus gives by establishing the new covenant. How could they want to be under the law and have to abide by it to find righteousness. Then as I contemplated further I realized what Bart wrote about today. I may not return to the law but there are times that I return to what I consider more comfortable. I have to remind myself daily that my life is one of being part of the promise and I am not a slave to the things in my past. May the Lord help us to realize daily all that Christ has provided for us and paved the way of the new covenant. My prayer is that through this NT90 adventure we will grow in our faith and rely upon Jesus more and more.

My reflections on Galatians 1-2

Yesterday in our church service we read the first two chapters of Galatians as a congregation. I have written my thoughts on the passages below.

The thing that spoke to me the most in these passages was the fact that we should be looking to please God and not man. Peter was fearful of what his fellow Jews would think about his eating with gentiles that caused him not eat with them when the Jews were around. I think about all the times that I have chosen not to do something because I was afrai9d of what people might think. Even though I knew it was what God would want me to do.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

John 18-21

Here is the entry that I made for the end of John's Gospel. As I reflect on these passages it is hard to pinpoint any one thing that sticks out because so many things stick out. As one reads through the passages let the words flow over you and transform you.

In these passages I could go a lot of places. I am intrigued by the final word of Jesus on the cross. John records that the Lord said it is finished. At first glance it appears that Jesus might be referring to his work on earth and that would be so. I wonder though at these words if there is a deeper meaning in that the work of salvation is complete. The work of defeating the devil is finished. Now that brings a whole new meaning into the picture. Jesus defeated the power of Satan on the cross so the work is done for that and now it is our job to share this wonderful work with those around us. Jesus made a way for us to get to God and brought us back into proper relationship with Him. So when the world seems to be full of evil and there appears that there is nothing that we can do we need to remember that Jesus defeated Satan on the cross. May God always remind us of the work that Jesus did upon the cross.

Friday, May 1, 2009

NT 90

My church has embarked upon reading through the New Testament in 90 days. I will try to keep my posts that I am blogging on the church site here.

John 4-6
I am struck at how Jesus always seems to get at the true problem and face it head on. Take for instance the woman at the well, Jesus knew that she was not living a righteous life but wanted her to see the need that she had. Isn’t it like that today, Jesus wants us to realize our need of him so that we will come to him asking for the “water” that we so desperately need. My prayer is that each of us that has the Lord will look for the opportunities to share the living water with the “Samaritian’s” in our lives. Jesus was about kingdom work and so should we be today for the fields are ready for the harvest we need only go to work.

John 7-9

In my life I have played all three parts I am ashamed to say. I have been the one wrapped up in my sins and I have been forgiven. There have been times though that I have been the one wanting to accuse and I must always balance that out with being like Jesus and be the one that can show compassion to those that are wrapped up in their sins. All of us need to remember that Jesus has forgiven us and so he can forgive others no matter what. We need to be about telling people or reminding those that know that Jesus is about “Second Chances”.

John 10-12

I am struck by the good shepherd story and how Jesus says that his sheep hear his voice and follow it. I am struck at how often in my own life that I have heard his voice and then not followed it right away and it has always lead to heartache. I have also found that when I really listen to his voice and do what he wants me to there is always enough provision for me to get the job done. My prayer is that through this adventure into Gods word that we will take the time to hear the voice of Jesus and follow after him. The kingdom work is ready to be done he is just waiting on us to accomplish it.

John 13-15

When looking at these passages here in the final days of Jesus you can sense the urgency to show his disciples that he cares for them now and will continue to care for them. I agree with Tom that he is pleading with them to finally get it but they don’t. I am sure that if I was one of the twelve I would have gotten it (lol). I find it hard at times now to get it let alone being there in the moment. I have the benefit of looking back and understanding but I can see a lot of similarities between me and the early disciples. God at times has had to hit me over the head to get my attention. I pray that each of us in this walk together will draw closer to the one that can give us life.

John 16-17

I am struck by the fact that Jesus makes a point to tell us that he has overcome the world. At times in my life it seems that all is going wrong and everything I do seems to backfire. There have been times at work that I seem to be spinning my wheels. It is in these times that I just want to check out and go home to be with the Lord but these words are comforting to me because in them I remember that Jesus has already overcome this world and has prayed for me that I can get his work done in it. I pray that as each of us walk out this life here that we will remember that we are not alone and that Jesus has already overcome this world no matter what it looks like.

That catches us up to the point that I am at. I will post more as I go.