Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up

There used to be this show on TV called "To Tell the Truth" in which 3 people claimed to be the same person and it was up to the contestants to decise who was telling the truth by asking them questions. I feel like that with the life and ministry of Jesus. There are so many imposters it is difficult at times to tell who the real Jesus is. My wife Staci recently took a religion class from a Christian school that taught that there are multiple ways to get to heaven. That the Jesus of the Bible was mostly just a good teacher and profit. The problem that I have is that is not the pcture that one gets when they read the scriptures. John 14 clearly claims that Jesus is the only way to the Father and that except through him o one can see the father. The president of Liberty Seminary Dr. Caner said something today in one of his updates that I believe needs to be repeated he said, "Over 20 religions consign Jesus to being a good man and a servant. Too bad. He said He was the God-Man and the only Savior!" Well said. It does not matter if you or I believe that Jesus did or did not say these things the fact that the Bible claims them makes it fact. In the end it will matter if you or I believe what he said but if one choses not to believe the Bible it in no way negates the truths contained within it. The book that Staci had to read is The Heart of Christianity by Marcus Borg. Marcus Borg is a member of the Jesus Seminar that had as a goal to set out and discover the real historical Jesus and the real historical actions that he did. They took the Bible and discounted 82% of the words of Jesus as not being said by him. They reduced Marks Gospel to just one verse. His book opens the door to pluralism and the door to many other things like alternate lifestyles being accepted because God made them that way. It is truly sad that this is the type of thing that is being taught but in the end the Real Jesus will stand up and he will show the world that he was who he claimed to be.