Saturday, July 10, 2010

Working out ones salvation

I must admit that I like a good friend of mine are very terrible at blogging but I would like to get better. Recently I was asked to do a series on different religions for the Sunday school class that I attend. It has been going slow but the one thing that I have found is that all the other religions have a common theme of false gods or works orientation. They all seem to have a push that one must work out their own salvation and failure to do so they will not achieve heaven. Now some of you may be saying that Paul made these very same words come to life in Philippians 2:12. There is one major difference here though and that is I do not believe that he is really referring to the idea that one can somehow obtain salvation by doing works rather that one should not take their salvation lightly but should be examining it and making sure that it is not false. When we stand before an almighty God one day I do not believe that he will be interested in what good works we did but rather what good works we did because of the good work Jesus did for us on the cross.