Friday, July 10, 2009


As I write this today I am puzzled by this concept. In my Christian walk I have always wanted to believe that accept for the unpardonable sin then everything else can be forgiven. I have been proven again that this must be the central core to our belief. Unfortunately I have seen today again that there are those in my circle of fellowship that have found a reason that has allowed forgiveness to go only so far. Now I know many believers would say that there is nothing that can not be forgiven (except the unpardonable). My question is do we really live this out or do we harbor things that do not allow us to forgive. In my life I have seen much pain and one of my old wounds was opened today and I am struggling to understand where forgiveness comes into this. I know that God wants and even requires me to forgive and I will. The struggle that I have is in the continued fellowship with those that have set limits on forgiveness. I wonder what those that set limits would think if Jesus would do the same. I thank my God that Jesus has forgiven all that seek it. It never ceases to amaze me though that some can see limiting forgiveness as somehow as being christian. I hope that God will help me to understand this because it is a real struggle for me.